The BMS Blivet is a high quality, extremely compact, ‘Plug & Play’ package sewage treatment system (plant) designed for populations from 20-5000 PEIt is a completely prefabricated portable system that is delivered ‘ready to go’ with minimal civil works and is suitable for permanent, temporary or emergency use. The Blivet also offers a class leading lifetime/wholelife cost due to its very low maintenance, power and spare parts requirement and is designed for a lifespan in excess of 30 years.  Blivet systems can treat sewage to virtually any discharge standard including low BOD, COD, SS, Ammonia (NH4), Phosphorus (P) and Nitrogen (N).  All Blivet systems can ship in a standard 40 Foot Container leading to its unbeatable track record in 50 countries worldwide over 30 years in all climate extremes.


How Does the BMS Blivet Work?

The Blivet uses a unique combination of lamellae plate settlement and biological treatment via the next generation BMS AerotorTM RBC/Biodisc, all housed in one strong steel reinforced GRP/FRP tank, to treat sewage to a specified standard in an extremely efficient way.  Furthermore, it is possible to add UV disinfection to produce water suitable for non-potable reuse e.g. toilet flushing, wheel washing, process water etc.

What Makes the Blivet Unique?

The BMS Blivet is the most compact fully prefabricated ‘all in one’ sewage treatment system available.

An ‘All in One’ system should be a completely prefabricated ‘Plug & Play’ system including primary/final settlement, biological treatment, 3+ months sludge storage, is portable, suitable for permanent/temporary use and can be transported by road/container.  The Blivet does all this and more.

You can learn more about the BMS Blivet’s unique features by watching a short video available at the top of the page or at the following link:

BMS offer a free Sewage Treatment Plant Design Service

If you have a project that requires sewage treatment from 20-5000 PE BMS offer a free no-obligation design service.

We have 30+ years experience in sewage treatment design in 50+ countries worldwide and all climate extremes including for residential, construction sites/camps, hotels, oil/gas/mining camps, offices and schools projects or where temporary treatment is required.

Our Package Sewage Treatment System Sizing & Selection Guide is an excellent free design resource that will allow you to size and select the appropriate sewage treatment plant for differing inlet loads and outlet effluent standards.  It also goes through sewage treatment terminology, calculations, troubleshooting and much more.

Our Education Blog also goes through sewage treatment terminology such as BOD, Population Equivalent, SS, Ammonia, Phosphorus in an easy to understand manner.

Please contact BMS if you would like to discuss your sewage treatment project.

Please contact BMS if you would like to discuss your sewage treatment project.


The Blivet is manufactured by BMS in our Irish World Class Manufacturing (WCM) facility under an NSAI validated ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. The Blivet is manufactured in rot/corrosion proof GRP/FRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) using only Lloyds rated resins that have an expected life span of 50+ years.  The tank is reinforced with EN8 steel.  All other parts including bearings, motor, gearbox and sludge return pump are by manufacturers of international renown e.g. SKF, Weg, Nord and Jung Pumpen, with excellent local availability.  For ease of maintenance the standard Blivet has only two electrical parts; a max 0.75 kW motor, which runs 24 hours a day and sludge return pump that runs 4 minutes per hour.  This means that maintenance takes less than 1 man hour per week.  The Blivet is fully compliant with EN12255 for Package Sewage Treatment Systems from 50-500 PE.

Due to the quality of manufacture the Blivet also has an extremely low spare parts requirement.

If You Want Simple Operation & Great Long Term Performance;  Choose the BMS Blivet.

Product Highlights

The BMS Blivet incorporates many innovative technological elements:
  • Aerobic Treatment – BMS Aerotor

  • Primary & Final Settlement – Lamellae Plate Settlement Technology

  • Plug flow

  • Sludge Storage – Minimum 3 months

  • Net Hydraulic Lift – Outlet 150mm higher than inlet: allows at least 100 m gravity flow & adjustable internal recirculation.

  • Robust Reliable Sewage Treatment

  • Above or below ground with no concrete surround – All purpose GRP Steel Reinforced Tank

  • Extremely compact/Containerized; All units can fit in a standard container

  • Portable; can easily moved from site to site via truck or container

  • Delivered ‘ready to go’ – Plug & Play Technology

  • Exceptionally easy O&M; equivalent to 1/2-1 unskilled man hour per week

  • Very low power; only 2 electrical parts & 8-15 kw/h/day.

  • Suitable for Permanent / Temporary / Emergency Use

  • Modularity – Units can be expanded in parallel

  • Security – Lock down covers provide protection & safety

  • Flexibility – Units can be operated in parallel/series to achieve multiple effluent parameters

All the items above are integrated into one unique ‘plug & play unit’; The BMS Blivet.

Blivet Technology

The BMS Blivet is a unique system based on the BMS next generation Aerotor Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) or Biodisc, which offers a unique combination of fixed film reaction and active aeration.  It offers all the advantages of traditional RBCs; easy operation & low maintenance/spare parts with none of the disadvantages such as one-sided growth, uncertain levels of contact and bridging growth.  It also does not require a minimum MLSS/load/seeding to function.  Combined with lamellae plate settlement, BMS have produced the most compact all in one system available.

1. Lamella Plate Settlers

A unique feature of the BMS Blivet is the utilisation of lamella plate settlers in both the Primary Settlement and Final Settlement Areas. The lamellas, at 60° slope and 50 mm (Primary) and 25 mm (Final) spacing, allow the average upward flow velocity of 0.9 m/hr to be achieved in approximately 25% of the volume required for conventional settlement tanks. This is the main contributor to the overall compactness of the system.

2. The BMS Aerotor

Unlike older activated sludge and RBC systems the BMS Aerotor is a hybrid of active aeration and fixed film reaction with an intense spiral GRP media mounted on a horizontal shaft. The rotational media is enclosed in an outer drum to provide active aeration, intense surface area and net hydraulic lift. Indeed, 97% of the surface area of the Aerotor is inside the Aerotor drum.  Effluent has to completely pass through an Aerotor before moving on to the next treatment stage, therefore 100% contact with the biological surface is guaranteed i.e. ‘Plug Flow’.  Air is also actively pumped through the Aerotor on the upward cycle.  This is markedly different from traditional RBC’s, which only provide treatment based on passive sewage contact with their external surfaces. Therefore, a single Aerotor provides an equivalent surface area to that of 3 x traditional RBC’s.  The BMS Aerotor is self-cleansing and does not suffer from overgrowth due to a faster speed of rotation.  It offers superior flow resistant performance with all of the benefits of traditional RBC’s such as low power, spare parts and maintenance requirements with none of the down sides such as poor flow resistance and excess growth issues.  Aerotor biomass growth is proportional to the incoming load and it does not require a minimum MLSS to function as is the case with active aeration type systems.  Finally, the Aerotor lifts the effluent from inlet to outlet by 150 mm, which enables gravity flow in/out without extra pumping and adjustable recirculation within the Blivet under gravity.

Overall, this leads to superior performance along with a compelling Wholelife Cost

3. Sludge Storage

Sludge storage is provided in the base of the unit. Depending on the load applied there is a minimum of 12 weeks’ capacity provided.  Normally desludging is carried out by suction tanker.

Where Can the BMS Blivet be used?

The BMS Blivet is the most flexible Package Sewage Treatment System available.  It can be installed easily and quickly with minimal civils works.  Furthermore, the Blivet is a modular system meaning that a treatment plant can easily be expanded as a population increases by adding further Blivet units.

1. Permanent

Package Sewage Treatment is generally used to provide sewage treatment at locations that do not have access to mains sewage such rural hotels, holiday parks, restaurants, historical sites, schools etc., and to treat the sewage generated by smaller towns and villages.

2. Temporary

As alluded to, the Blivet is fully portable system so has been used extensively for temporary sewage treatment for works camps e.g. oil, gas and military and to allow development where municipal infrastructure is overloaded e.g. housing estates and to supplement overloaded existing systems.

3. Construction Sites/Water Reuse

The Blivet has been extensively used to treat the sewage generated at construction sites that do not have access to mains sewage, where with the addition of UV disinfection the sewage is converted into fully disinfected water suitable for reuse in site e.g. toilet flushing, wheel/road washing, process water.  Not only it is much more environmentally friendly, it offers a compelling pay back versus tankering away untreated sewage.  The Blivet provides years of ongoing value as it can easily be moved from site to site as projects start/finish.  The same process can also be used in any location but especially arid countries to reduce potable water use.

4. Emergency

The Blivet is also ideal for emergency use due to its Portable ‘Plug&Play’ manufacture when an existing plant fails or internationally in disaster relief/refugee camps.

Blivet Applications

Villages Visitor Centres
Housing Schemes Construction Sites/Projects
Hotels/Holiday Resorts Oil/Gas Mining Camps
Caravan/Mobile Home Parks Disaster Relief Camps
Offices Military Camps
Schools/Universities Existing Plant Upgrades
Pubs/Restaurants Ideal for Island Locations

Permanent/Temporary/Emergency Use Possible in all Locations

Blivet Discharge

To Percolation/Ground Soakage

Direct Discharge to Receiving Waters

To Teritary Treatment e.g BMS M10 Filter

UV Disinfection (enables reuse)

Chlorine Tablet Disinfection (enables reuse)

BMS Clients

BMS has worked with clients all over the world including KBR, Bechtel, US Military, British Military, UN, MSF, Vinci, Center Parcs, ESB, Sisk, Roadbridge, OPW, Irish Water, Dublin Port, IBM, Facebook, Irish Local Authorities, UCC, Arup, Atkins, AECOM & Coffey Water to name a few.  The Blivet’s simplicity of transport, installation, operation & maintenance and build quality has led to the Blivet being selected time and again for projects in 50 countries worldwide.  Of course, we do not always get everything right but we will always work with a client to solve any problems and are always improving the Blivet due to our policy of continuous improvement based on our experience and customer feedback.

Delivery of the BMS Blivet

For ease of delivery the Blivet can be delivered fully assembled & ready to go via a standard Megatrailer.  The Blivet can also be transported by a standard container.  When transported by container a small amount of assembly is required on site prior to installation.  This should take less than ½ a day.  A Short 3D Video showing how to assemble a Blivet that has been delivered in a container can be found at the following links; (English) (French)


The BMS Blivet requires an absolute minimum of civils works and can be installed/commissioned in less than a day, providing a large saving compared to other systems.  A major advantage is that it can be installed fully above ground, partially buried or fully buried up to lid level.  The BMS Blivet does not need a concrete surround and can be backfilled with selected excavated material.  BMS recommend that the Blivet is placed on a flat base support slab (3 m wide x 0.15 m deep x 5.2-12.7 m long) in 20N reinforced concrete.  Installation/Commissioning is as simple as lifting the unit(s) into place, backfilling if required and finally connecting the inlet/outlet pipes and the electricity to the integral control panel. The Blivet is then ready to accept sewage.  A further advantage of the Blivet is that seeding is not required as the biofilm self-seeds from the incoming sewage.

How to Maintain the BMS Blivet

The BMS Blivet is exceptionally easy to operate and maintain.  It only requires 1/2-1 unskilled man hour per week.  No specialist knowledge is required.  The Blivet only has two electrical drives, a max 0.75 kW motor and a sludge return pump that comes for 4 minutes per hour.  All parts are from companies of world renown e.g. Nord/Weg that can be sourced locally.

Maintenance is as simple as check once per week, grease once per month, desludge every quarter and a fully service once per year.

You can view who simple the maintenance is on a short video on the BMS Youtube Channel

The Blivet is designed for a 25+ year lifespan due its European ISO 9001 Quality Manufacture and Parts.

In a world of increasing technological complication the Blivet offers: Simple Operation & Great Long Term Performance

If you have a sewage treatment project we would be delighted to work with you and apply our 30 years experience around the world to devise a great value customised solution.  Call us on +353433326100 or email: [email protected]

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