The Aerotor® is a next generation Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) (Biodisc) that combines fixed film reaction, active aeration, plug flow and intense surface area to yield a system that is three times more efficient than traditional RBC designs and has been installed in 1000+ locations worldwide over 35 years.  The Aerotor has all the upsides of traditional RBCs such as process reliability, low operation, power and spare parts cost with none of the downsides such as large footprint, one sided/bridging growth issues & flow bypass during low/high flows.  The Aerotor provides a highly efficient, low maintenance, high quality prefabricated solution to treat sewage from 20 to 5000 PE.  The Aerotor is designed to work with new/existing primary & final settlement tanks.  It is also highly suited to being added to existing plants where extra biological capacity is required.  

What is the Aerotor Sewage Treatment Plant?

The BMS Aerotor is a next generation RBC; it is a combined fixed film reactor and active aeration system mounted on a horizontal shaft with 97% of the surface area inside the drum. The rotational GRP media is in a spiral formation enclosed in outer drum to provide active aeration, intense surface area and net hydraulic lift.  The Aerotor is a plug flow system that can easily treat both high and low loads.  It in essence has all the advantages of traditional RBC’s; low power, maintenance, spare parts and operator input with none of the downsides such as one sided growth on shut down, excess biofilm growth and flow bypass during low and high flows.  The Aerotor is a plug and play sewage treatment plant that can be placed above or below ground without the need for a concrete surround and is fully portable and relocatable.

The Aerotor® is designed to treat settled sewage in combination with in-situ or prefabricated primary and final settlement Tankage.  It is often used to supplement existing underperforming/overloaded sewage treatment plants or for Ammonia Removal (Nitrification) where it can achieve Ammonia of less than 1 mg/l.  The Aerotor can be installed above or below ground without the need for a concrete surround and is a complete plug & play system.  It also generates 350 mm of net hydraulic lift from inlet to outlet meaning that it can be installed with minimal changes to existing pipework.

The Aerotor has a market leading track record; it has been installed in 40+ countries worldwide over 30 years in all imaginable temperature extremes.

The Aerotor is the biological heart of our market leading package sewage treatment plant; the BMS Blivet

The Video below shows how the Aerotor works as part of the BMS Blivet.  It can also be installed on its own with separate primary/final settlement.

Model Selection

The selection of the optimum unit for any given application may depend on many factors, e.g. influent strength, design flow, existing equipment and final effluent quality required. Please contact us for model selection and quotation and advice.

B500 2.655 2 M (H) X

2.135 M (W)

Available in

Single or

Three Phase

10 2.10 0.5-0.7
B1000 2.950 20 4.50 1.3-1.5
B1500 3.860 30 6.00 1.5-2.0
B2000 4.360 40 9.00 2.3-3.0
B3000 5.875 60 12.0 3.0-4.0
B3500 6.375 65 15.0 3.8-5.0
B4000 6.875 80 19.5 4.9-6.5
*Please note the above are average figures, please contact BMS prior to selection.  Ammonia removal (Nitrification) is temperature dependent.  Higher Nitrification will be achieved in consistently warmer climates and lower in temperate to cold climates.


  • minimal maintenance
  • low running costs
  • temporary or permanent
  • above or below ground
  • net hydraulic lift
  • plug flow
  • compact
  • prefabricated “ready to go”
  • modular


  • in combination with separate primary/final settlement
  • existing communal septic tank upgrades
  • chronically or seasonally overloaded works
  • tertiary treatment e.g. nitrification
  • phased development with modular units
  • trailer mounted for maintenance and emergency use
  • in-situ constructed work

Product Highlights

  • Next Generation RBC

  • 3 x more efficient

  • Most Compact RBC Available

  • Very low operator/power/spare parts cost

  • Does not require concrete surround

  • Plug Flow

  • Active Aeration

  • Net Hydraulic Lift from inlet to outlet (gravity flow in/out)

  • Proven over 30+ years in 40+ countries worldwide

  • ISO 9001 Quality

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