We are back with Week 4 of our series explaining terms/jargon/terminology used in the area of sewage or wastewater treatment.  This week we review terminology beginning with ‘C-E’.  The terms are; Ferric Sulphate (FeSO4), Final Effluent, Final Settlement Tank, Foul Sewage, Humus Tank, Influent & Kjeldahl Nitrogen.

22. FERRIC SULPHATE (FeSO4): A chemical that is dosed into SEWAGE Treatment Plants to reduce PHOSPHORUS levels.

23. FINAL EFFLUENT: The effluent discharged from a SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT after all treatment has occurred.


25. FOUL SEWAGE: Untreated SEWAGE.

26. HUMUS TANK: A tank in which Humus (or settleable solids) is separated from the effluent flowing through it, which comes from the AEROBIC or BIOZONE stage of a Treatment System. AKA; SECONDARY SETTLMENT, FINAL SETTLEMENT OR CLARIFIER.

27. INFLUENT: Sometimes used to describe the effluent entering a SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT i.e. RAW SEWAGE.

28. KJELDAHL NITROGEN: It is the total of organic and AMMONIA NITROGEN.

More detailed explanations of parameters used to measure final effluent quality can be found by clicking on the links e.g. BODSSNH4NCOD & P.

The next article will explain terms/jargon used in sewage treatment from N to P; Nitrate to Primary Settlement Tank.

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