In many specialist areas of professional, scientific and commercial life a certain ‘jargon’ builds up, often serving to mystify and confuse the outsider.  Sewage Treatment is no exception and over the course of eight weekly articles we will attempt to define and explain the most commonly used terms in sewage/wastewater treatment especially those used in relation to package sewage treatment from ‘A-Z’.

BMS Education Blog/Customer Questions section is also an excellent source of information on sewage treatment and its terminology.  More detailed explanations of parameters used to measure final effluent quality can be found by clicking on the links e.g. BODSSNH4NCOD & P.

The first article features terms beginning with ‘A’.

1. AEROTOR: BMS Trade Mark for the BMS BIOZONE only. The AEROBIC section of the BMS Blivet system.  The BMS Aerotor is a next generation RBC.  It is a hybrid of fixed film reaction and active aeration, with 97% of the surface area inside the rotor.

2. ACTIVATED SLUDGE: A flocculent microbial mass produced when SEWAGE is continuously aerated. Also the generic name for WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS based on suspended Activated Sludge flocculants such SBR (Sequence Batch Reactor) and MBBR (Membrane Bed Reactor).

3. AEROBIC ACTION: A biological process that occurs in the presence of oxygen.

4. ALUMINIUM SULPHATE (ALSO4): A chemical that is dosed into SEWAGE Treatment Plants to reduce PHOSPHORUS levels.

5. AMMONIA (NH3/NH4): It is the common form of NITROGEN contained in normal SEWAGE.  Ammonia is a readily usable form of Nitrogen, which plants can use to produce protein and grow.  If levels are too high in receiving waters explosive plant growth e.g. algae can result. This leads to excess stripping of Oxygen from the receiving waters and the death of animal life in the water.

6. ANAEROBIC ACTION: A biological process that occurs in the absence of oxygen.

7. ANOXIC ACTION: A process occurring in the absence of active aeration, usually used for DENITRIFICATION.

The next article will cover terms relating to sewage treatment beginning with B; from Balance Tank to BOD.

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