The BMS Recyclone is a unique “all in one” pre-fabricated package car/truck/vehicle wash water recycling system designed to recycle 100% of recovered wash water for continuous re-use. A Recyclone will reduce water use by up to 90% and can completely eliminate pollution, thus providing substantial financial and environmental benefits with same day commissioning.

How Does It Work?

The BMS Recyclone is an ‘all in one’ package vehicle wash water recycling system incorporating a dirty water/sludge tank, an aeration tank, a clean water tank and the Bionic water recycling system.  It is designed to recycle the wastewater from all vehicle washes e.g. car, van, truck, bus, train etc. for continuous re-use.

What Makes the Recyclone Unique?

The BMS Recyclone differs from other vehicle wash water recycling systems in a number of ways:

  1. Most other systems require extensive civil works and underground tanks to be installed. The Recyclone is a completely pre-fabricated ‘plug&play’ system.
  2. The Recyclone can be set up in a closed loop with zero dirty water discharge. Most importantly this means no pollution but also can negate the need for a discharge license.

The Recyclone is a complete system that fully recycles all captured wash water to produce up to 90% water savings and therefore substantial savings on water bills.


  • Delivered ‘Ready to Go’

  • Extremely Compact

  • Minimal Civil Works

  • Robust Reliable Treatment

  • Above Ground Installation

  • Low Maintenance/Running Costs

  • Odourless Process

  • Fully Road/Container Transportable

  • Unique Bionic Technology

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality

  • BMS unbeatable 35 Year Track Record in 50 Countries

  • Full Irish/EU Design & Manufacture

  • Full Design Support

Materials / Manufacture / Certification

The Recyclone is manufactured by BMS in our Irish World Class Manufacturing (WCM) facility under an NSAI validated ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.  It is manufactured in rot/corrosion proof GRP/FRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) using only Lloyds rated resins that have an expected life span of 50+ years.  The tank is reinforced with EN8 steel.  The Recyclone integrates a sludge storage tank, aeration tank, clean water tank and a technical/control room, all into one road/container transportable unit that is installed above ground.  Traditional systems require all the tanks to be underground with a separate control/technical room above ground.  Not only does this mean that the Recyclone can be installed easily/quickly and at a fraction of the price compared to traditional systems, but it also means that the Recyclone is portable and can be easily moved if required.

If You Want Simple Operation & Great Long Term Performance; Choose the BMS Recyclone

Recyclone Technology

The BMS Recyclone is an ‘all in one’ package vehicle wash water recycling system designed to treat 100% of recovered vehicle wash water for continuous re-use.

It is comprised of four sections:

  1. Sludge Storage/Dirty Water Chamber
  2. Aeration Chamber
  3. Clean Water Chamber
  4. Technical/Control Room

The contaminated water normally enters the Recyclone dirty water chamber directly from a Silt Trap or an Interceptor via a pumped feed to the Recyclone installed overground.

It then flows through to the aeration chamber where air from the Blower (Aerator) in the Control Room is injected via a floating aerator.  The special membrane attached to the floating aerator maximises turbulence in order to dissolve oxygen.  This in turn ensures eradication of all odours and expels any other remaining gases in the wastewater.  An adjustable air flow control valve mounted on the front of the Bionic/Bioreactor tank ensures the correct flow of air to the floating aerator.

The wastewater is then fed via a grinder pump through a Hydrocyclone, which is mounted on the front of the Bionic tank.  The Hydrocyclone separates suspended particles from the wastewater and returns them to the start of the treatment process (silt trap/interceptor).  The cleaned water flows to the top of bionic reactor tank.  This tank contains 1.5 m3 of Bio Rings to which bacteria attaches.

SR20 Nutrient is a 100% biodegradable, natural, non-toxic plant extract produced by special techniques, employing a newly discovered concentrated cell stimulant with a multi enzymatic catalyst, which is fed into the Recyclone system via a dosing pump.  It is a complete mixture of micro nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, which stimulates the growth of various beneficial bacteria and aids oxygen uptake. All organic waste in the Bio reactor is broken down into CO2 and H2O by biological filtration.

The treated water is then pumped to the clean water tank, where it is ready for immediate reuse by the vehicle washing system (client normally fits and supplies booster pumps if required from the Recyclone Clean Water Tank).

Recyclone units are capable of producing 2,000-8,000 litres of clean water per hour sufficient to enable 20-80 car/5-20 truck washes per hour to take place.   In the event of over production of clean water an overflow pipe will carry the excess water back to the start of the process (silt trap/interceptor), which in turn ensures constant recirculation even in periods of low flow.  An emergency clean water over flow is also included in case of the whole system being full, which should be connected to the surface water system.  This will only activate in exceptional conditions e.g. low washing volume and very high rain fall.

Drainage points are located on each chamber and on the Bionic/Bioreactor tank if for any reason the Recyclone requires emptying e.g. relocation.

The Control Panel is situated in the Control Room and in the event of a fault developing with any of the mechanical/electrical elements of the unit it will automatically trip out and a Fault Warning will be displayed on the LED Touch Screen.

Where Can the BMS Recyclone Vehicle Washwater Recycling System Be Used?

The BMS Recyclone can be used in conjunction with any type of vehicle wash for cars, vans, buses, trucks or even trains.  Although it can be equally used for new/existing sites, it is exceptionally well suited to existing sites as it negates the need for a large amount of civils works associated with traditional systems e.g. separate settlement, aeration, clean water tanks (below ground) and a control room (above ground).  The Recyclone comes in a range of sizes that can recycle 2,000 – 8,000 l/h of used vehicle wash water.  BMS can also supply other equipment required to install a wash water recycling system such as Silt Traps and Petrol/Oil Interceptors.

Recyclone Design & Selection

Design & Selection

BMS prides itself on being a full-service manufacturer.  We have over 35 years’ experience in wastewater treatment design in 50 countries worldwide.  We work with our clients to design and select the best BMS Blivet set up specific to their requirements.

Recyclone Type  D20 D40 D60 D80
Capacity l/hr 2000 4000 6000 8000
Power Supply kW 2.7 2.9 3.1 3.3
Weight (T) 4.5 5.0 6.0 6.5
Dimensions 6.0 m x 2.25 m x 2.29 m 10.9 m x 2.25 m x 2.29 m

Recyclone Delivery

For ease of delivery the Recyclone is delivered fully assembled & ready to go via a standard Trailer/Container.  The Recyclone is fitted with integral lifting hooks to allow easy offloading and placement on site.

Picture showing the delivery of a BMS Recyclone Package Vehicle Washwater Recycling System

Installation of the BMS Recyclone

The BMS Recyclone requires an absolute minimum of civils works and can be installed/commissioned in less than a day, providing a large saving compared to other systems.  The BMS Recyclone free stands without the need for extra supports.  BMS recommend that the Recyclone is placed on a flat base support slab (3 m wide x 0.15 m deep x 6.1 m (D20/D40) – 11.3 m (D60/D80) in 20N reinforced concrete.  Installation/Commissioning is as simple as lifting the unit into place and then connecting the inlet/outlet pipes and the electricity to the integral control panel. The Recyclone is then ready to accept used vehicle wash water.  BMS can supply a purpose built Washdown Interceptor with a forward feed pump built to pump used wash water up to the Recyclone and can also supply silt traps with grids to provide a ‘One Stop Shop’.

Recyclone Maintenance


The Recyclone is extremely easy to maintain/operate and does not require specialist knowledge/skilled operator.  It only requires the equivalent of ½-1 hour per week of maintenance;

General Checks

  1. Check the Control Panel for any Fault/Malfunction Warnings.
  2. Check the air flow across the Bionic(s)/Bioreactor(s) are set to 2.5 to 3 m3/hr (adjustable by the integral valve on the front of the Bionic as per Fig. 4-3). Check the Air Flow to Surface Aerator.
  3. Check any Silt Trap(s), Interceptor(s) or Holding Tank(s) before the Recyclone & the Dirty Water Tank in the Recyclone for Oil/Silt. If they are full or close to full, they should be emptied by a licensed contractor.  If they are not emptied when full, this will negatively affect the quality of water that the Recyclone will produce.
  4. Check Flush Valves by pressing the ‘FLUSH’ button on the Control Panel to initiate a flush cycle.
  5. Check Nutrient Level in Container, if low top up
  6. Check temperature if hot/cold. Control Room should operate between 5-30°C.

A Full O&M Manual is supplied to customers, along with training during commissioning.  BMS can also quote for great value maintenance contracts.

BMS Your One Stop Shop for Sewage / Surface Water Treatment Solutions

BMS have over 35 years’ experience in sewage, wastewater and surface water design

BMS can design your sewage, wastewater or surface water management system for you from the ground up.

  • BMS can design a customised sewage treatment system specifically for each project. BMS will produce a detailed process description including design calculations and drawings for approval.
  • BMS can design your full surface water management or SuDS system from first principles.
  • BMS have invested in specialist software, which produces comprehensive design data.  The design will include a full proposal, drawings and design calculations.
  • BMS can offer advice on sizing/selecting the correct attenuation/infiltration system, petrol/oil interceptor (separator), vortex silt/oil/debris defender, outlet flow controls & storage tanks.
  • BMS uniquely offer a ‘one stop shop’ from design to installation for our surface water management products.
  • All products are ISO 9001:2015 Quality manufactured in Ireland and Europe.
  • BMS offer free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Seminars on Sewage Treatment and Surface Water Management both virtually or in person.
  • BMS can design a custom pump station solution for your requirements in GRP/FRP.  This can include emergency storage and valve chambers and are normally delivered ‘ready to go’.
  • BMS can design a vehicle wash water recycling system for you with 100% Recycle and Zero Discharge.
All the items above are integrated into one unique ‘plug & play unit’; The BMS Recyclone.

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