BMS manufacture a comprehensive range of completely pre-fabricated GRP (Fibreglass) Pump Stations (Sumps) from 1000 l – 100,000 l capacity .  All BMS Pump Stations are completely factory pre-fitted with guiderails/valves etc.  They are available with or without separate valve chambers/24 hour emergency storage.  They allow a far quicker installation and will save the costs/H&S risks/time associated with constructing and fitting a concrete sump on site.


BMS Offer a complete range of prefabricated Pump Stations

BMS is an Irish ISO 9001 Quality Manufacturer of solutions for surface/waste water treatment in Fibreglass/GRP with 30+ years’ experience.  BMS manufacture a comprehensive range of pre-fabricated GRP pump station (sump) solutions from 1000 l – 100,000 l capacity.  The stations are pre-fitted in our factory and are delivered to site ‘ready to go’.  This avoids costly fitting out on site, confined space working and provides for a swift and easy installation.  BMS Pumps Stations are manufactured to customer requirements e.g. custom pipe inverts/sizes/types, internal pipework e.g. galvanised steel/electrofusion/ductile iron and pump fittings e.g. guiderails/non-return valves/stop valves etc.  A range of station configurations are available; Vertical up to 25,000 l, Horizontal up to 100,000 l and Baffled Horizontal Sumps with integrated emergency storage all with/without integrated valve chambers.  A steel reinforced GRP option is also available that can be placed above/below ground without a concrete surround and is fully portable.  BMS can supply just the pump chamber or the chamber completed fitted with guiderails/valves etc. or your choice with/without pumps.  BMS are the main Irish agent for Jung Pumpen of Germany.

BMS offer a free Pump Station Design Service

If you have a project that requires a Package Pump Station BMS offer a free no-obligation design service.

Once we know the pumping rate (l/s), pumping distance (m), static head (m); the difference between the lowest and highest points on the rising main, the rising main type and diameter we can use our custom software to select the best pump(s) to suit your requirements e.g macerator or vortex pumps.  We can then match this to our extensive range of pump chambers depending on the capacity your require to create a custom pre-fabricated pump station for you.  We will not start manufacturing on the final drawings has received your approval.  We can accomodate virtually any inlet/outlet pipe size/positioning.

Please contact BMS if you would like to discuss your package pump station project.

Typical Applications

  • Foul Sewage
  • Dirty Water
  • Surface Water


  • Full Off-Site Manufacture

  • Delivered ‘ready to go’

  • Full customisable; Any inlet/outlet pipe size & positioning

  • Saves the cost and time of concrete sump and valve chamber construction

  • Integrated Emergency Storage

  • Separate Integrated Valve Chamber Option

  • Steel Framed Portable Option which can be place above/below ground

  • No Confined Space risk associated with fitting concrete sump

  • GRP is both rot & corrosion proof.

Types of Pump Station

1. Vertical Pump Stations

Vertical Pump Stations are available in a range of sizes from 1000 l – 25,000 l capacity.  These stations are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional concrete in situ sumps, which require fitting out on site.  BMS Vertical sstations come fully pre-fitted and offer very quick installation/commissioning.  A separate valve chamber can be integrated into the top of the stations if required.  BMS vertical stations are also a great solution where emergency storage is required.

2. Horizontal Pump Stations

Horizontal Pump Stations are a great option when a deep inlet invert is not required or when a large amount of emergency storage is required.  BMS have specially designed a baffled option, with a 5-10,000 l wet well separated from the emergency storage by a full length baffle.  A cut out in the baffle allows effluent to flow into emergency storage in the event of the wet well capacity being exceeded e.g. very high flow, power failure or pump fault.  The baffle has a built in non-return valve at the bottom, which allows the return of effluent from emergency storage as soon as the wet well is pumped down.  BMS Horizontal Pump Stations offer an easy to install ‘all in one’ option without the need to install separate overflow tanks.

3. Steel Reinforced Portable Above/Below Ground Pump Stations

BMS Steel Reinforced Pump Stations can be placed above or below ground without the need for a concrete surround.  They are an ideal solution especially when a temporary/emergency/semi-permanent portable solution is required or when a quick installation is required with a minimum of civil works.  BMS Steel Reinforced Pumps Stations can be moved from site to site on the back of a standard truck.

4. Pumps

BMS are the main Irish Agents for Jung Pumpen, who are part of the Pentair Group and hand assemble all their pumps in Steinhagen, Germany.  Jung Pumpen pumps are the finest available for pumping dirty water and wastewater.  BMS can provide a complete pumping solution including control panels, GSM Dialouts, level controls etc.  BMS can also provide Pump Stations/Pump Chambers for fitting by others or fully fitted with guide rails/pumps etc. by other pump brands/solutions.

All the items above are integrated into one unique ‘plug & play unit’; The BMS Recyclone.


BMS Pump Stations are completely pre-fabricated and delivered ‘ready to go’ so siteworks are minimal; placing the station in a suitably sized excavation, connecting the inlet/outlet pipes & electrical ducts.  BMS Pump Stations only require a complete a 225 mm of lean mix concrete surround and an appropriate non-weight bearing slab on top to suit the loading.  It is then just a matter of connecting the power to the control panel, pumps and level controls.  The steel framed version does not require a concrete surround above/below ground.

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