The Simer Surface Water Drainage Pump is an excellent new portable solution for draining standing water on any flat surface.

such as flat roofs, pitches, astro-turf, tennis courts, swimming pools, flooded floors & basements etc down to a level of only 2 mm.  This is low enough to wipe the surface dry.  The pump will switch on at only 5 mm water depth.

Irish Weather frequently causes the build up of standing water on flat surfaces such as flat roofs, tennis courts, synthetic pitches and swimming pools.  Indeed, flooding often happens in homes or commercial premises.  Until now it has been virtually impossible to pump this standing water away.  However, the Simer Surface Drainage Pump is an ideal solution to this problem.  The Simer will pump down to only 2 mm, with is low enough to wipe the surface dry and will also start pumping at only 5 mm depth.

The Simer standing water drainage pump plugs straight into any single phase socket and comes with 10 metres of cable as standard.  It is fitted with a removable stainer base to prevent the ingress of any large solids and special anti air lock valve to prevent air locking even at levels as low as 2 mm.  The pump outlet allows the fitting of standard 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ hose to allow the standing water to be pumped away.

Product Highlights

  • 230 V, 50 Hz, 2.6 A, 400 W

  • 10 m replaceable power cord

  • Completely submersible, IP 68

  • Stainless steel rotor shaft

  • Integrated thermal protection

  • Mechanical seal

  • Suitable for continuous operation

  • Robust cast aluminium construction

  • Weight: approx. 5.0 kg

Product Image