These pumps are ideal for pumping hot water and aggressive liquids such as silage liquor and liquid fertiliser. They can also be used for stationary or mobile use.

U 3 K Spezial

Submersible sump pump for the disposal of aggressive media such as brackish water, silage liquor, whey, liquid fertiliser, condensate from condensing boilers and for use as sludge return pump in small sewage treatment plants.

Discharge Branch Free Passage Hmax Qmax
1¼” 10mm 7m 6.5m3/h

US 73 HE/HES and US 103 HE/HES – Industrial Drainage Pumps

Submersible drainage pumps for the disposal of hot water up to 194 °F (90 °C), e.g. from washing machines, laundries and industrial/commercial effluent or the emergency flow of control heating systems.

Discharge Branch Free Passage Hmax Qmax
1½” 30mm 12.5m 28m3/h

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