The ‘UB’ range of portable drainage pumps are especially designed for drainage on building sites e.g. civil engineering, general construction or sewerage construction.

The pumps can be used for rainwater, groundwater, water leaks, and water containing sewage or for drainage purposes, where the maximum particle size is up to 10 mm.  The UB series can also be used for moving water from reservoirs/rivers/lakes and for filling/emptying on site containers.  The integrated fixed coupling on the outlet of the pumps allow for quick connection of suitable pressure hosing.

The pumps are designed for potable use.  A controllable oil chamber and a special wear resistant mechanical seal help’s to ensure a long working life.

Performance Table & Indicative Uses of Multistream Pumps:

Discharge Branch Free Passage Hmax Qmax
1½” bzw. 2″ 30/40mm 16m 40m3/h

Product Highlights

  • Safe to run dry

  • Portable

  • Integrated outlet fixed coupling

  • 10 mm free passage

  • Controllable Oil Chamber

  • SiC Mechanical Seal Independent of the rotation direction

  • Moisture sealed inlet cable

  • Available in single or three phase

  • Integrated float switch

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