The last in BMS series explaining terms/jargon/terminology used in the area of sewage or wastewater treatment finishes with terms from S-W; Sludge, STP, Surface Water, Suspended Solids, Tertiary Treatment, UV Disinfection, Wastewater, Wastewater Treatment Plant/System & Whole Life Cost.  We will publish the whole list from A-Z next week.  Links to Parts 1-6 are available at the bottom of the blog.  If there are any terms you would like explained that we have not covered please contact us and we can add to the list!

48. SLUDGE: A mixture of solids and water produced by the settlement and treatment of SEWAGE.


50. SURFACE WATER: Rainwater runoff from sealed surfaces e.g. roads & car parks.

51. SUSPENDED SOLIDS (SS): A measurement of the solids in suspension in SEWAGE, INFLUENTS AND EFFLUENTS normally expressed in mg/l or parts per million (ppm).

52. TERTIARY TREATMENT: Term normally applied to further treatment following AEROBIC Treatment and Settlement, to achieve an enhanced quality FINAL EFFLUENT e.g. The BMS M10/M20 SAND FILTERS.

53. UV DISINFECTION: A TERTIARY TREATMENT method employing Ultra Violet (UV) light from UV emitting light bulbs to kill microorganisms in treated EFFLUENT.  It can be used to disinfect effluent which can then be reused as a process water, for non-potable purposes such as toilet flushing and for irrigation e.g. BMS BLIVET UV; PACKAGE SEWAGE TREATMENT including UV DISINFECTION.

54. WASTEWATER: It is often used interchangeably with SEWAGE.


56. WHOLE LIFE COST:  The full cost of a SEWAGE Treatment plant over its 20 + year operation, including purchase price, installation, maintenance, electricity & spare parts cost.  The BMS Blivet offers a class leading Whole Life Cost AKA; LIFETIME COST.

More detailed explanations of parameters used to measure final effluent quality can be found by clicking on the links e.g. BODSSNH4NCOD & P.

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