BMS series explaining terms/jargon/terminology used in the area of sewage or wastewater treatment continues with terms from R-S.  The terms are; Raw Sewage, Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC), Sand Filter, Saran Filter, Separate Settlement Tanks, Separate System, Septic Tank, Sewage, Sewage Treatment Plant/System.


39. ROTATING BIOLOGICAL CONTACTOR (RBC): A type of SEWAGE treatment in which settled sewage is passed through a trough containing a rotating media.  This media provides a surface area on which a Biological Film or BIOMASS forms which then oxidises the pollutants on contact with the settled sewage and oxygen (air).  The BMS AEROTOR is a next generation RBC which enhances this process by actively aerating the passing Settled sewage and thereby enhancing the AEROBIC Process.  AKA; Rotary Biological Contactor.

40. SAND FILTER: A TERTIARY TREATMENT System using stone based media to polish FINAL EFFLUENT before discharge e.g. The BMS PACKAGE SANDFILTER.

41. SARAN FILTER: A TERTIARY TREATMENT System incorporated in the HUMUS TANK of a BLIVET, consisting of a membrane with 783 micron pore size for SUSPENDED SOLIDS reduction.


43. SEPARATE SYSTEM: A SEWERAGE system in which FOUL and SURFACE WATERS are conveyed by separate sewers i.e. the opposite to a COMBINED SYSTEM.

44. SEPTIC TANK: A type of settlement tank in which the SLUDGE is retained for sufficient time for the organic matter to undergo ANAEROBIC Decomposition.  Also, in effect, a PRIMARY SETTLEMENT TANK with SLUDGE Storage.

45. SEWAGE: The water borne wastes of a community, premises or process etc.

46. SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT/SYSTEM; A system used to treat raw SEWAGE to a standard suitable for discharge, usually including primary/final settlement and aerobic treatment. AKA; WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT/SYSTEM OR EFFLUENT TREATMENT PLANT/SYSTEM.

More detailed explanations of parameters used to measure final effluent quality can be found by clicking on the links e.g. BODSSNH4NCOD & P.

The next article will be the last in our series and will explain terms/jargon used in sewage treatment from S to W; Sludge to Whole Life Cost.

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