BMS offer a range of rainwater harvesting tanks from 3 to 100,000 L with/without filters both in and outside the tank to suit any requirement of roof size from domestic to commercial to store rainwater.  Rainwater Tanks are available for order for individual premises or for bulk supply to rainwater harvesting system installers.   Rainwater is Ireland’s most abundant resource so why not take advantage of it and reduce your commercial water rates charge?

BMS are Ireland’s leading manufacturer of tanks for surface water in GRP and have 28 years experience.  All BMS rainwater tanks are made to order under an NSAI ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System in our bespoke premises on the Strokestown Road, Longford.  BMS can offer tanks from 3,000 l to 100,000 l.  A specially designed highly portable & connectable 3,000L tank which fits through tight spaces is available for domestic installations.  Larger tanks start at 12,000 l and increase in further 5,000 l capacities e.g. 17,000 l, 22,000 l up to 100,000 l.  BMS GRP tanks are normally buried with a concrete surround.  Specially strengthened tanks for installation over ground or free standing steel framed tanks are also available.

BMS Rainwater Tanks are available with the following features:

  • Custom Sizes from 3,000 l – 100,000 l
  • 100 mm Purain Hydraulic Rainwater Filters pre-installed in the tank
  • 150 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm & 400 mm Heavy Duty Purain Hydraulic Rainwater Filters for installation in the ground beside the tank with no concrete surround or need for seperate manhole
  • Calmed inlet
  • Inlet via calming pot
  • Non-Return Valve on Outlet
  • Bespoke Access Turrets

The collected rainwater can be used for a variety of non-potable applications such as toilet flushing, process water, cleaing, washing & gardening.  This alone will save approximately 50% + of water use in domestic premises and much more in a commercial premises.

Soft rainwater can decrease detergent use, increase the lifespan of household appliances and clean cars with no streaking.

How Do Rainwater Harvesting systems Work?

Rainwater is collected using your roof & gutters. The soft rainwater is then funneled to an under/over ground BMS GRP Tank.  Leaves and other debris should be removed before they reach the tank.  This can be done by the BMS Purain Hydraulic Jump Filter range which ensures 98% capture of available rainwater.  The 100 mm Purain Rainwater Filter can be pre-installed in the tank for ease of installation.  The Purain HD Jump Filters can be fitted in the ground beside the tank without the need for a concrete surround or seperate manhole, which is the requirement for most other systems.  Once filtered, the rainwater then percolates slowly upwards from the bottom of the tank.

A pumping system is then required to pump the rainwater to a header tank (indirect/gravity supply) or direct to the appliances such as toilets.

To properly determine the tank size most suitable for your house/premises there are a number of considerations such as roof area, average rainfall, number of occupants/staff and potential uses of the rainwater, which need to be considered.

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