The BMS Grease Trap range has been designed to suit the needs of catering facilities large and small such as restaurants, delis, fast food outlets and large kitchens, along with the food and meat processing industries and are compliant with the current EU guidelines EN 1825 1&2.

Why do you need a grease trap?

Discharge of grease into sewers causes pipe blockages and hinders the performance of sewage treatment plants. Grease traps are required wherever fats and greases are discharged to the drainage system.  Most local authorities now insist on the installation of a grease trap complying with European Norms in all facilities with the potential to generate medium to large amounts of grease in their wastewater, especially all catering facilities.  The use of ‘enzymes’ to dissolve grease in wastewater is not an adequate alternative, as it results in grease reforming further down the sewer.  The BMS Grease Trap design requires no power input. BMS Grease Traps are installed downstream from the kitchen, where the wastewater will have cooled to less than 40°C.  Any Grease/Oil will then seperate from the wastewater by specific gravity, ensuring the wastewater discharged into the sewer is grease free to normal discharge standards.

BMS Grease Trap Design

All BMS Grease Traps are manufactured from Corrosion Proof Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) material, ensuring extended operation compared to other materials. The design of the Grease Traps and the materials used in the grease traps are compliant with the current EU guidelines:

  • I.S EN 1825-1:2001-Grease separators -Part 1: Principles of Design, Performance and Testing, Marking and Quality control
  • I.S EN1825-2: Part 2: Selection of Nominal Size, Installation,Operation and Maintenance.

At the grease trap inlet a solids tray collects food particles carried in the wastewater. The water is cooled
inside the trap allowing the fats and grease to separate out and rise to the surface.

BMS Grease Trap Range

Model Reference GT01 GT02 GT04 GT08*
Nominal Size (L/Sec) 1 2 4 8
Total Volume (L) 383 772 1505 2742
Grease Separator Volume (L) 240 480 960 1920
Sludge Trap Volume (L) 100 200 400 800
Grease Storage Capacity (L) 40 80 160 320
* Please note that the GT08 and larger grease traps do not contain a solids tray as it is impractical.  Solids are emptied along with the grease by suction tanker.

Grease Trap Installation & Operation

Grease traps should be fitted upstream of foul sewers, at a suitable distance from the source allowing the wastewater to cool to below 40ºC before entering the trap. As a general guide the distance should not be less than 4 metres.

For indoor installations, double-lipped sealed access covers can be supplied.

Regular inspection of the grease trap is recommended. Cleaning intervals will depend on the frequency of use.  For a grease trap to function effectively it needs to be emptied when it is full.

Full maintenance instructions are supplied with each unit.

The BMS Grease Trap range is manufactured in Longford under the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

Custom designed Grease Traps are possible depending on customer requirements.  Please contact us for more information.

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