BMS has over 35+ years’ experience in sewage, wastewater and surface water design.  If you have a project requiring sewage treatment, BMS can prepare a customised proposal and drawings.  BMS can also design your surface water management system and have invested in specialist software to provide cutting edge project design.  

Design Services offered by the BMS

  • BMS offer a free service to size and select the correct sewage treatment plant for each project.  This involves calculating the incoming biological load & flow to determine a design population.  BMS will then produce a customised proposal including design calculations and drawings to achieve a set final effluent standard.
  • You can download our Free Sewage Treatment Plant Sizing and Selection Guide, which distills our 30+ years of worldwide experience into an easy you guide which allows you to select the correct sewage treatment plant for varying incoming loads and outlet standards.  It also contains terminology, worked examples, calculations, FAQ, Troubleshooting and more.
  • BMS can provide full mechanical assessments of existing sewage treatment systems and make recommendations on upgrades if required.
  • BMS can advise as regards planning applications, discharge licences & system optimisation for sewage treatment plants.
  • BMS can design your full surface water management or SuDS system from first principles.  We have invested in specialist software, which produces comprehensive design data.  The design will include a full proposal, drawings and design calculations.
  • BMS can offer advise on sizing/selecting the correct attenuation/infiltration system, petrol/oil interceptor (separator), vortex silt/oil/debris defender, outlet flow controls & storage tanks.  BMS uniquely offer a ‘one stop shop’ from design to installation for our surface water management products.
  • BMS offer free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Seminars on Surface Water Management and Sewage Treatment at your premises.
  • BMS can design a custom pump station solution for your requirements in GRP/FRP.  This can include emergency storage and valve chambers.  BMS Pump Stations are normally delivered ‘ready to go’.
  • BMS can design a vehicle wash water recycling system for you with 100% Recycle and Zero Discharge.

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