BMS manufactures a large range of Fire Fighting Holding Tanks from 1,000 – 100,000 L including Steel Framed Tanks suitable for partial/fully above ground installation.  All Fire Fighting Tanks are manufactured under an NSAI Verified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.


How Do They Work?

Fire Fighting tanks are installed in areas where there may not be access to sufficient water/mains water pressure to fight a fire.  BMS tanks provide a large water holding capacity and can be used by Fire Fighters as a supplemental water source in the case of a fire.  They are frequently specified as a condition of planning and can also form part of an onsite surface water management or SuDS system.

Please contact us for free advice on  Fire Fighting Tank to the best suit your needs.

Why BMS Fire Fighting Tanks?

BMS have been producing surface water treatment products for 30+ years.  BMS are the largest Irish producer of Petrol/Oil Interceptors, all of which are manufactured in our state of the art ISO 9001:2015 Quality Irish factory.  This expertise has been adapted to offer a great value range of fully customisable prefabricated Fire Fighting tanks that are delivered to site ‘ready to go’.

All BMS Fire Fighting Tanks are manufactured in corrosion/rot proof Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP/FRP) using only Lloyds rated resins and have a design life of 50+ years.  BMS can match any inlet/outlet pipe size and offer a quick turnaround.

BMS are a full service manufacturer; we can provide full design advice.  BMS can also offer a range of valves and alarms to work in conjunction with the tank.  The BMS Fire Fighting Tank range is part of our ‘one stop shop’ for all your surface water management requirements from design to installation.

Fire Fighting Tank 90,000 L Capacity

Fire Fighting Tank Accessories

Fire Fighting Tank Accessories

As BMS Fire Fighting Tanks are an important part of equipment available to Fire Fighters, BMS can offer a range of accessories to enhance their function such as:

  • Range of sizes from 1,000 – 100,000 l.
  • Automatic Valves to fill the tank when the level drops.
  • Closure Valves to maintain the tank water level.
  • High/Low Level Alarms with Solar Operation and GSM Dialout Options.
  • Stainless Steel Suction Pipework with internal solids sieve.
  • Range of inlet/outlet pipe sizes and positioning.
  • Above/Below Ground Options are Available

BMS Fire Fighting Tank Accessory Poster


BMS Fire Fighting Tanks are normally full unless being cleaned out or used for fire fighting purposes.  If part of a surface water management system, water in the tank should turn over in conjunction with rainfall.  BMS recommend a BMS Petrol/Oil Interceptor or Stormbreaker Defender should be fitted before the tank to remove any Petrol/Oil/Silt/Grit.  If supplied by mains water, an automatic ball valve can be fitted to top up the tank if the level drops.  Alarms can also be added to alert of high or low water levels in the tank.  These alarm systems can send out alerts via a GSM Dialout System and can even be powered by solar panels.


As with any tanks regular inspection is required to check for adequate water levels and to check water quality.  It is recommended that the water in the tank is changed over on a regular schedule if the tank is not connected to the surface water drainage system.


BMS Fire Fighting Tanks are delivered ‘ready to go’ with pipework to match those on site.  Installation generally involves digging a suitably sized excavation, placing the tank on a 20 N slab, connecting the inlet/outlet pipes and then back filling with a full 225 mm lean mix surround while counter filling the tank with water. If the area over the tank is going to be traffic loaded an appropriate non weight bearing slab should be constructed over it.  Full instructions are available.  A steel framed GRP alternative is available which can be placed fully above, partially below or fully below ground without a concrete surround.

BMS Fire Fighting Tank & Interceptor Installation Drawing

Free Fire Fighting Tank/Surface Water Design Service

If you have a project that requires a Fire Fighting Tank, BMS offer free design advise.  Indeed, BMS offer a free design service for your complete surface water management system and also can provide a comprehensive ‘one stop shop’ quotation from design to installation for all surface water management products.

We have 30+ years experience in surface water management and are the largest Irish manufacturer of Petrol/Oil Separators.  BMS Separators are installed under most Irish roads/motorways!

Please contact BMS if you would like to discuss your interceptor or surface water project.

Large 90000 L Capacity Fire Fighting Tank by BMS

Product Highlights

  • Full Irish/EU Design & Manufacture

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality

  • Full Design Support

  • Manufactured in robust rot/corrosion proof GRP/FRP

  • 30+ years of manufacturing for surface water market

  • Full range of accessories available e.g. valves, alarms, suction pipework.

BMS Fire Fighting Tank Internal View

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