Customer Question: When designing a Sewage Treatment process for a caravan park what Population Equivalent (PE) do you assign to each caravan unit?

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your enquiry.  The Irish EPA assign the follow figures to Caravan Sites:

Estimating the occupancy of different caravans or mobile homes is more difficult.  Generally, it is best to plan for peak occupancy, therefore the normal size of caravan used on site of in general should be ascertained.  They have normal occupancy numbers assigned to them and these can just be multiplied by the figures above.  If it is an established site their occupancy figures should be analysed and multiplied based on the figures above to obtain the peak occupancy, especially during the July/August peak season.

If it is a new site, the best way might be to try and obtain figures from a nearby (as possible) site.  Their figures can then be analysed based on the various plots on the site and an average occupancy per caravan/mobile home/tent per day obtained at different times of the year.  This could then be applied to the new site based on their maximum number of plots available.

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Caravan Type Flow (L/Person/Day)    BOD (G/Person/Day)
Touring                                                                          50 35
Static (Not Serviced) 75 35
Static (Fully Serviced)         150 55
Tent Sites 50 25