BMS have introduced a range of Chlorine Contact Tanks for the dosing and disinfection of potable water with Sodium Hypochlorite in response to; New EPA directives necessitating the disinfection of potable water sources, especially from bore holes, Stringent Health & Safety requirements regarding Chlorine Gas based potable water disinfection systems and Customer requests, especially from Irish Local Authorities.

Features of the tanks include:

  • Fully compliant with EPA Design Criteria
  • Fully Hypochlorite resisitant at normal dosing concentration & pH
  • Steel framed corrosion resistant GRP construction
  • Delivered ‘Ready to Go’, free standing & fully relocatable
  • Underground/Overground Installation
  • Available in a variety of sizes depending on requirements
  • Manufactured under an NSAI accredited ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
  • Option of weather proof covers available
  • Comes fitted with vent pipes
  • Variety of inlet pipe types and configurations can be accommodated.

Chlorine Contact Tank Design and Design Advice

BMS’ designs were calculated with reference to the Irish EPA documents ‘Water Treatment Manual: Chlorination’ 1998 and 2011 editions and to various US EPA and US Department of Environment documents referenced in the 1998 edition.  The effectiveness of chlorination depends on a complex relationship between a large number of variables including; micro-organisms present, temperature, pH, flow rate, seasonal variations etc., each affecting residual concentration and required residence time.  The emphasis in the 2011 EPA document is on monitored results rather than specific parameters and must be applied on an individual case basis with operating procedures determined by the relevant Local Authority.

BMS can offer advice on Chlorine Contact Tank sizing and configuration based on individual site requirements and will work with our clients from design to installation.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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