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Case Study on Clonuff 50 PE WWTP DBO

BMS Design Details: The wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) pre upgrade only consisted of a settlement tank and an outfall.  BMS finalised the site design incorporating a a BMS BL500 Blivet Package Sewage Treatment Plant after the existing settlement tank, along with required site clearance and levelling, a new outfall, sampling point and ultrasonic flowmeter with Palmer Bolus Flume.

BMS Construction/Installation Details:  BMS cleared the whole site in conjunction with our civil’s partner, FIMA Developments, installed new outfalls, a control panel including a GSM Dialout facility, an ultrasonic flowmeter and flume and an ‘all in one’ package treatment plant in the form of a BMS BL500 Blivet Package Sewage Treatment Plant.  The project included new outfall headwalls, the laying of a watermain, fencing of the site and a Cl804 finish on the site and on the access road.

BMS Operation/Maintenance Details: BMS maintained the plant until handover.  The original maintenance period was 3 months.  However, this period was considerably extended.  An unusual process issue occurred where a ‘pin floc’ that would not settle was continually occurring, which resulted in higher than expected SS and BOD.  BMS investigated the matter in detail making step by step process changes.  Eventually one of BMS Engineers traced the problem back to a low Oxygen environment (not anoxic) developing in the up pre-existing front settlement tank.  This was due to a long residence time in the tank due to its large size.  BMS formulated a solution at no cost to the employer and utilising no extra equipment to resolve the low Oxygen conditions.  During the extra time process solving time BMS maintained the plant and carried out the further testing at no extra cost to the employer.  This highlights BMS committment to getting things right and fulfilling its commitments even in the face of unusual problems.

Final Effluent Standard: BOD: 25mg/L, SS 35mg/L

Population Equivalent: 50 PE

Project Gallery

Project Gallery

Project Details


March 2015


Kildare County Council/Irish Water


Justin O’Doherty, Water Section, Kildare County Council, Devoy Park, Naas, Co. Kildare Ph: 045 980200


To upgrade Clonuff WWTP from a septic tank to a new WWTP incorporating a new 50 PE BMS Blivet Package Sewage Treatment Plant and civil works.


€100,000 +