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Case Study on Package Sewage Treatment System installed a Residential Care Centre

BMS Design Details: BMS designed and manufactured the entire treatment system to the consultants final effluent requirements. BMS were responsible for the following: screening, pumps, pump sump, sewage treatment plant, ferric dosing system, flow measurement and sampling, control panel, dial out controls, remote valve activation and all site works including excavation, structural concrete, control house, all site pipe work, ducting, lighting and walkways etc.

BMS Construction/Installation Details: The entire project was supervised by BMS with a civil works sub-contractor employed to carry out all the site building works and physically install the hardware. BMS personnel installed and commissioned all the site Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) works, including a new 3 Phase electrical supply.

BMS Operation/Maintenance Details: BMS commissioned the system and maintained it for the first 18 months before it was officially handed over to the client. BMS carries out O&M on the plant on an ongoing basis.

Final Effluent Standard: BOD 15mg/LSS 15mg/LOrtho Phosphorus 1.2mg/LAmmonia 0.4mg/L, pH 6-9

Completion Date: March 2001

Population Equivalent: 400 P.E.

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MARCH 2001


North Western Health Board.


Jennings O’Donovan & Partners, Finisklin, Sligo. David Kiely, Ph: 071 9161416


BMS designed, manufactured, installed and maintain a new package sewage treatment system to produce BOD & SS of less than 15 mg/l, Ammonia less than 0.4 mg/l and Orthophosphate of less than 1.2 mg/l.


€150,000 +