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Athlone IT, Attenuation Case Study

BMS Design Details: BMS worked with the Consulting Engineers Malachi Cullens/WYG to design the three tanks customised to each locations requirements, one of which was going to be traffic loaded and two located in grassed areas.  BMS can offer a one stop shop for all surface water requirements, including attenuationinfiltrationinterceptorsvortex oil/silt seperatorshydrobrakes and holding tanks.  In this case BMS supplied interceptors and hydrobrakes with the details as below:

Stormbreaker: (a) Tank 1 – 186m³ – 1898 pieces, (b) Tank 2 – 118m³ – 1204 pieces  (c) Tank 3 – 545m³

Interceptors: (a) 1. No PB4 class 1 By Pass Interceptor c/w 300mm pipe (b) 1. No PB1 class 1 By Pass Interceptor c/w 300mm pipe (c) 1. No PB1 class 1 By Pass Interceptor c/w 225mm pipe

Stormbrakes (Hydrobrakes): (a) 1. No 17.55 L/s Stormbrake (b) 1. No 9 L/S Stormbrake (c) 1. No 2.1 L/s Stormbrake (d) 1. No 1.32 L/s Stormbrake

Construction/Installation Details: BMS designed, manufactured, supplied and installed the full 868 minstallation, with the client supplying the geomembranes.

Operation/Maintenance Details:  BMS Stormbreaker installations are designed to be maintenance free, which is an important consideration considering the 50 year lifespan of most attenuation systems.  More details can be found in the Stormbreaker Agrement Certificate or by contacting BMS.  Furthermore the BMS Stormbreaker is by far the strongest plastic attenuation system available worldwide which gives peace of mind against system creep, subsidence or collapse.

Project Gallery

Project Gallery

Project Details


Nov 2011


John Sisk and Sons Ltd.


John Duncan, Malachi Cullen Consulting Engineers, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Ireland.


Design, supply and install three attenuation systems under a road, car park and sports pitch with a total volume of 868 musing the BMS Stormbreaker Surface and Stormwater Attenuation/Infiltration System.


€100,000 +