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Case study on Apartment Complex Sewage & Surface Water Pumping System

BMS Design Details:

BMS worked with FIMA developments to supply, manufacture, install and commission an appropriate solution.  All pump solutions were by BMS main pump partner, Jung Pumpen of Germany, who are one of the world’s premier dirty water pump manufacturers.

Firstly, a sewage pump sump and a holding tank providing 24 hour emergency storage was required.  Limited space for installation and ease of installation were important considerations, along with narrow rising mains.  BMS used its experience as the largest manufacturer of GRP (Fibreglass) tanks in Ireland to design, manufacture and install a special ‘all in one’ pump sump and overflow tank with integrated stop and non-return valves to provide a ‘plug and play’ solution.  The tank was comprised of a 5000 l sump separated from a 45,000 l overflow tank by a full length baffle with a cut out.  If there is an electricity cut, the level will rise up in the sump and when it reaches the cut out will begin to flow into the overflow tank.  The baffle contains an integral non-return valve which allows the sewage to flow back into the sump from the overflow tank when the pumps switch back on and the sump level is pumped down.  A Jung Pumpen Dual UFK 20/M Plus Multicut Macerator pump system was installed.  The Multicut system is an extremely robust system which chops up fibrous matter in incoming sewage and also utilises intelligent thrash rejection technology.

A concrete attenuation tank along with a concrete sump was already in place.  BMS supplied an interceptor and hydrobrake to finish off the attenuation tank, along with installing, fitted and commissioned a Jung Pumpen Dual UFK 20/M Plus Multicut Macerator pump system to pump to the local authority sewer outside the complex.

The complex had an underground car park.  A drainage solution was required for the existing concrete drainage sump. An important consideration was the very low invert of the inlet pipe into the sump, which made a conventional pumping solution unsuitable.  BMS proposed, installed and commissioned a Jung Pumpen Compli Dual Pump Package Pumping Station.  The Compli is delivered ‘ready to go’ and can be fully submerged making it an ideal solution for the project.   All pumping stations were supplied with audible and visual alarms along with GSM Dial outs in the event of a fault.

Supply Details:

Sewage:  Design & Manufacture 1 No. 50 m3 Baffled ‘all in one’ GRP Pump Sump tank with a 5 m3 pump well and 45 m3 of overflow storage.

Design, supply, install & commission 1 No. Jung Pumpen UFK 20/2M Dual Multicut Macerator Pump System including electrical installation with visual & audible alarms and a GSM Dial Out.

Surface Water Attenuation System: Design, supply, install & commission 1 No. Jung Pumpen UFK 20/2M Dual Multicut Macerator Pump System with visual & audible alarms and a GSM Dial Out.

Car Park Drainage: 1 No. Jung Pumpen Compli 1015/4 BW Lifting Station and GSM Dial out System.

O&M Details:

BMS has been engaged to provide O&M and emergency call out service on the sewage and surface water pumping systems at Tyrone Court.

1 No. BMS PB1 Class 1 Bypass Interceptor

1 No. 4 l/s BMS Stormbrake Hydrobrake

Project Gallery

Project Gallery

Project Details


May 2014


FIMA Developments, Newbridge, Co. Kildare.


John Duncan, Malachi Cullen Consulting Engineers, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Ireland.


FIMA Developments were employed to complete a Groundworks Upgrade on a New Apartment Complex, which had stalled and was being finished off by a new Developer.  A complete sewage and surface water pumping solution was required for the large apartment complex to pump both the domestic and surface water generated by the development.


€40,000 +