BMS are happy to introduce the Purain HD (Heavy Duty) Rainwater Hydraulic Jump Filter.  The Purain HD Filter is designed for installation directly in the ground outside of rainwater havesting tanks, has a load capacity of 60 tonnes and does not require a seperate manhole as is the case with conventional systems.

The Purain HD filter is a a great new alternative for situations where large filters are required.  It is made in high density polyethylene so is very cost effective and is available in a range of sizes including DN150, 200, 300 and 400 so covers virtually all flows and requirements.

It does not require a seperate manhole and is usually fitted directly in the ground, with access via a manhole and concrete rings.  The overflow is directly from the filter which makes the pipework very simple.

The Purain HD Filter still has all the benefits of the original Purain Hydraulic Jump Filter including German manufacture and design, self cleaning action due to its unique patented design and thus very low maintenance.

More information can found on the Purain Jump Filter in the Rainwater Harvesting Section of our Website or alternatively please contact us for more information.