BMS have been jointly nominated along with Roadbridge for the ‘The Sustainable Water Achievement Award’ at the 2018 Green Awards for the use of the BMS Blivet UV Sewage Treatment System on various construction sites in Ireland and the UK.

How the Blivet UV Sewage Treatment System works

The BMS Blivet UV is a package wastewater treatment system with a difference.  It comprehensively treats and disinfects sewage generated at Roadbridges sites to a standard suitable for non-potable reuse e.g. road cleaning, wheel washing, process water, dust suppression and toilet flushing.  The traditional means of disposing of sewage generated at remote sites without access to main sewage was to store it and have it tankered away to central works.  This can be quite costly over time and has an environmental footprint associated with the tankering.  Furthermore, the Blivet UV provides a large saving on potable water use on site, by replacing what would be potable water with fully treated and disinfected sewage.  The saving over an extended period can be quite dramatic.

BMS Marketing/R&D Director states that the Blivet UV was developed entirely in house in BMS and has taken a number of iterations and developments to get right.  The Blivet was ideal suited for the project as it is the most compact ‘all in one’ sewage treatment system available, is fully portable, so can be moved from site to site.  BMS could also include an integral UV disinfection department as BMS fabricate the unit entirely at its factory in Longford, Ireland.  BMS are very grateful for the support they have received from Roadbridge in regards to deploying an innovative product on live sites.  We are confident that the Blivet UV will be a great solution for any remote construction site who require sewage treatment and will generate a lot of water use and sewage disposal savings for our customers.

What Butler Manufacturing Services (BMS) do

Butler Manufacturing Services is a family owned specialist manufacturer of package (all in one) products for sewage treatment and surface water treatment established in 1986 with exports to 38+ countries worldwide including the world leading Blivet package sewage treatment plant, a ‘one stop shop’ for all surface water products from design to installation including attenuationinterceptorsholding tanks (incl. chemical resistant)hydrobrakes, rainwater harvesting tanks/filters & vortex silt separatorschlorine contact tanksfully fitted pumps and sumps and much more.

If there is a requirement for any of above on any project that you are working on we would welcome the opportunity to work on a solution with you.