The BMS Blivet Package Sewage Treatment Plant has been installed in 38+ countries worldwide on all 5 continents and is the original compact ‘all in one’ ‘plug and play’ sewage treatment system with class leading whole life cost.  We are often asked what makes the Blivet different so we have summarised ten reasons gleaned from customer feedback over the 25+ years of BMS Blivet manufacture.  We have shared these individually on TwitterFacebookLinkedin and Google+ over the last few months but are now publishing ten reasons in full.

10 Reasons why you should choose Butler Manufacturing Services as your Package Sewage Treatment System Provider?

  1. BMS manufacture its own products rather than being a middleman, so the buck stops with us.
  2. BMS have an unrivalled worldwide track record in sewage treatment; the BMS Blivet Package Wastewater Treatment Plant has been installed in over 38 countries worldwide in every corner of the globe.
  3. BMS have been manufacturing sewage treatment systems for 30 years.  Our plants are built to last; many of our early plants are still in full time use today and performing well.
  4. Our sewage treatment systems are manufactured under a National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) ISO 9001 Quality Management System.  BMS take pride in manufacturing a top quality great value product.
  5. The BMS Blivet is the world’s most compact package sewage treatment system.  A package means a system that is fully road transportable, is delivered ‘ready to go’ and can be installed above or below ground without a concrete surround, many plants cannot do this; the Blivet can.
  6. The BMS Blivet has one of lowest Whole Life Costs (cost over the plants lifetime) available.  Any immediate saving made by opting for a cheaper system is often dwarfed by the cheaper systems ongoing costs e.g. breakdown, spare parts, unreliability, exceeding discharge parameters, man hours etc.  The Blivet is designed to operate to specifications at minimal ongoing cost for over 20 years.  The Blivet will pay back any cost saving versus a cheaper system within a few years, the value provided continues to increase into the Blivet’s lifetime.
  7. The BMS Blivet is one of the most flexible systems available in dealing with variable flows, both high and low.
  8. The BMS Blivet can produce virtually any effluent standard including low BODSSAmmoniaNitrateNitrogen and Phosphorus.
  9. The Blivet is a portable system than can be used for temporary or permanent treatment.  It can also be added to in stages as developments grow.
  10. BMS will work with you from design to installation to make sure the solution we provide is customised to your requirements using all of our 30 years’ experience in the business.

If you are looking for advise on designing a sewage treatment system, would like a quotation or would like to order a sewage treatment system, please do not hesitate to contact us.