Submersible Grinder Pumps (Multicut)

MultiCut submersible pumps are ideally suited for sewage and waste disposal in residential areas, such as housing estates, holiday parks or for individual houses.

Multicut pumps are ideal for mounting in areas remote from municipal infrastructure such as; motorway service stations and rural communities/ farms etc. One of the main advantages of a Multicut pumping system is that through the use of small bore pipework pumping over long distances it is possible to follow the natural contours of the ground.

The resultant savings as opposed to conventional large diameter pumping mains are considerable.

Multistream pumps can be supplied in both explosion proof (UFK) and non-explosion proof (UAK) versions and are highly efficient.

Usual Application Discharge Branch Hmax Qmax
For sewage disposal for Single Houses DN 32 17m 16m3/h
For Sewage disposal from medium to large developments DN 32 55m 20m3/h


Recommended for:

  • Effluent containing solids or long-fibre type components
  • Effluent containing faeces
  • Domestic effluent without faeces
  • Mechanically cleaned effluent.


  • Cutting rotor with stirring effect
  • External adjustable cutting mechanism
  • Controllable Oil Chamber
  • Plug type cable connection
  • SiC mechanical seal independent of rotation
  • Moisture sealed cable inlet
  • Built-in motor protection


MultiCut Cutting System

The unique MultiCut cutting system ensures maximum operational safety along with outstanding delivery characteristics. The cutter blade is made of hardened stainless steel and has a three bladed knife configuration. The cutter blade will macerate all coarse materials in the watewater with more than 62,000 cutting movements per minute. Multicut pumps also have in built intelligent trash rejection technology where non grindable solids are rejected instead of blocking the pump. The cutting is located before the pump hydraulics, this means that large solids are rejected before they can damage the pump. In addition the grooved design of the cutter plate makes the cutter self cleaning. The cutter can easily be adjusted during maintenance back to optimal position if it has moved for any reason during use.

The Will It Grind series of videos from Jung Pumpen shows a Multicut System in operation grinding jeans, bubble wrap, rubber chickens and more..