Vortex Impellor Pumps (Multifree)

MultiFree pumps are suitable for handling effluent or sewage in municipal and industrial pumping stations as well in surface water drainage applications. The smaller pumps in the MultiFree range have been used very successfully as portable units in emergency flooding situations.

Multistream pumps can be supplied in both explosion proof (UFK) and non-explosion proof (UAK) versions and are highly efficient.

Normal Use Discharge Branch Free Pass. RPM Hmax Qmax
Stationary use in pressure drainage systems & domestic/commercial drainage systems DN65 65mm 2800rpm 21m 70m3/h
In communal & industrial pump stations and rainwater reservoirs. DN80 80mm 1400rpm 12.5 115m3/h
In communal & industrial pump stations and rainwater reservoirs. DN100 100mm 1400rpm 16m 168m3/h

Recommended for:

  • effluent which contains fibrous matter prone to matting
  • mixed wastewater
  • effluent which contains solids
  • raw effluent
  • abrasive effluent
  • raw sludge
  • effluent which contains trapped air or gas
  • rainwater surface water
  • surface water
  • anoxic mixing


  • Connection in PN6/PN10
  • Safe to dry run
  • Controllable Oil Chamber
  • Plug type cable connection
  • SiC mechanical seal independent of rotation
  • Moisture sealed cable inlet
  • Built-in motor protection




Download: Single Channel/Vortex Impellor Pump Data Sheet