Sewage Pumps

BMS offer a range of sewage pumps for all applications, whether for large public tenders or for an individual house. Existing installations can also be catered for with specialist adaptors to fit almost any other manufacturer's pedestals without any change of the existing pipe work.

As well as pumps BMS is able to offer control panels that are tailored to suit a clients needs. Many local authorities require dial out alarms, hours run meters, ammeters, generator connection for emergencies etc. All these can be provided as required. It is important to note that Jung pumps are married together with Jung control panels to offer a comprehensive package. This package ensures full pump protection and operational reliability.

Vortex Impellor Pumps (Multifree)

MultiFree pumps are suitable for handling effluent or sewage in municipal and industrial pumping stations as well in surface water drainage applications. The smaller pumps in the MultiFree range have been used very successfully as portable units in emergency flooding situations.