WCFix: Toilet Pumping Stations

The WCFix series of sewage lifting stations are specially designed to allow the installation of toilets practically anywhere in a house or apartment.  They are designed to be connected directly to a toilet and allows for safe and near silent removal of sewage.

The WCFix units are very compact, which makes them ideal where space saving is required or it is awkward to install a gravity sewer.  The system utilises a flow optimised open centrifugal impellor to ensure quiet running.  Secondly, due to the impellors design regular cleaning is not necessary and maintenance intervals are greatly reduced.  The WCFix units can also be connected to a shower or bidet too.  (It is not suitable for connection to a bath, washing maching or dish washer)  The WCFix units come fitted with a carbon filter as standard to negate any smell.

The WCFix 260 A and 260 V system comes equipped with an audible alarm in case of a problem, along with a volt free contact, which allows connection to other alarm systems already installed.  All WCFix models area delivered 'ready to go' and operate automatically when a toilet is flushed.

As with all such systems, non-biodegradable items such as baby wipes, cotton wool and sanitary towels should not be flushed down a toilet fitted with a WCFix as they may cause blockages.

WCfix 260

The WCfix 260 is installed directly behind the toilet.  It can be used for waste disposal below/above the local sewer level.  It is suitable for direct connection to a flush toilet with a horizontal discharge of  6 l  minimum.  The sewage is pumped through small diameter pressure pipe terminating at the entrance to an existing gravity system or manhole.  The WCFix 260/260A will pump up to 61 l/min at a 4 metre head.  Its dimensions are only; H 265 x W 430 x L 270 mm.

The WCFix 260 is delivered 'ready to go' with a cable & plug, built in vent valve, inlet plug-in seal, discharge elbow, swing-type check valve (32 mm), activated carbon filter, clips and fixing material.  The WCFix 260 A has exactly the same specifications except it comes with an integrated alarm.

WCfix 260 V

The WCFix 260 V operates in the same way.  However, it is designed for installation in the wall space/cavity, allowing it to be completely concealed.*  The WCFix 260 V will pump up 77 l/min at a 4 metre head.  Its dimensions are only H 270 x W 450 x L 168 mm.

The WCFix 260 V is delivered 'ready to go' with a cable & plug, insert for a ventilation pipe, inlet plug-in seal, discharge elbow, swing-type check valve (32 mm), reducing adaptors, activated carbon filter, clamps and fastening materials to secure against back pressure and an emergency drainage hose.

*Adequate space and access needs to be allowed for inspection and maintenance.

Full installation instructions are available on request.