Chemical Resistant Holding/Storage Tanks

BMS can design and supply holding or storage tanks of any size from 500 – 100,000 litres.  Higher storage capacities are provided by siting the tanks in parallel. The tanks are suitable for many different applications and can be treated internally to endow chemical resistance to practically any substance e.g. acids, alkalis (bases), oxidising agents and salts if required. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. 

Chlorine Contact Tanks for Potable Water Disinfection

BMS have introduced a range of Chlorine Contact Tanks for the dosing and disinfection of potable water with Sodium Hypochlorite in response to; New EPA directives necessitating the disinfection of potable water sources, especially from bore holes, Stringent Health & Safety requirements regarding Chlorine Gas based potable water disinfection systems and Customer requests, especially from Irish Local Authorities.