BMS work with NUIG to develop the Stormbreaker Defender

BMS have just completed an exciting Research & Development (R&D) project in conjunction with the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) and are pleased to announce the introduction of the Stormbreaker Defender, a unique 'plug&play' vortex silt/solids/oil separator system which can be used to clean surface water before discharge.

2 BMS Stormbreaker Defenders on the way to site2 BMS Stormbreaker Defenders on the way to site

The Stormbreaker Defender is an Irish designed and manufactured product which had many unique features;

  • It is delivered to site 'ready to go' and does not require extra supports such as a concrete surround or a manhole to be fitted in.
  • The largest unit is 2.3 m in diameter, this means that it will fit on a standard truck for transport of in a container for export.
  • Units are designed for flows from 1-300 l/s and offer a unique removal efficiency arrangement at average flows as well as solids retention at peak flows.
  • BMS can provide comprehensive design, performance and back up data.  BMS can also provide design/selection advise to Engineers and Planners.

The BMS Stormbreaker Defender is a low footprint storm water interceptor capable of removing particles, floating debris and floating pollutants such as oil/hydrocarbons and contaminated settling solids from surface or storm water.  The Stormbreaker Defender can be used up or down stream of surface water holding systems and attenuation/holding ponds as a means of pollutant removal.

The system has no moving parts and utilises natural vortex flow hydrodynamics to remove particles.  It has a unique internal geometry to capture floating pollutants and debris as well as minimise head-losses across the chamber.

The Stormbreaker Defender is just one element of BMS 'one stop shop' for surface water treatment including attenuation, interceptors, holding tanks (incl. chemical resistant), hydrobrakes, rainwater harvesting tanks/filters & fully fitted pumps and sumps and much more.

Butler Manufacturing Services is a family owned specialist manufacturer of package (all in one) products for sewage treatment and surface water treatment established in 1986 with exports to 38+ countries worldwide including the world leading Blivet package sewage treatment plant,

If you have a requirement for a package wastewater or surface water solution we would welcome the opportunity to work on a solution with you.