The Floodbox - Flood Emergency Kit

Ireland has experienced regular flooding over the last 10 years due to changing weather patterns. The BMS Floodbox is your 'all in one', simple to operate, emergency defence kit against flooding in your home or business.

The Floodbox is simple to operate by placing the Floodbox on the ground, connecting the 12.5M fire hose contained in the box to the powerful U5KS pump via an integral 'C' coupling, plug the U5KS into a socket or generator and then begin pumping.

The Components

U5KS Pump

  • High Performance; Max 11,500 L/Hr. Pumps up to an 8M head.
  • Quality German hand assembled pump.
  • Allows up to 20 mm solids passage.
  • A motor cooling jacket & thermal motor protection; allows continuous operation even when not submerged.
  • Can be set up to pump residual water.
  • Removable for portable use.
  • Only needs less than 1 Kw of generator power to operate.

Fire Hose

  • Quick & easy attachement via C coupling.
  • 12.5 M/46 Feet in length.
  • Can be linked to other hoses via C coupling.

Screen/Transport Box

  • The pump & hose all fit neatly into the screen box for easy transport and storage.
  • Stable platform for pump operation.
  • Acts both as a pump screen and a transport box.

3 Additional benefits of the U5KS Pump

  • The U5KS can be used seperate from the screen box, by detaching the pump from the metal holding clip and then removing it from the box.
  • The foot strainer at the bottom of the pump is removable to allow the pumping of residual water.
  • Removing the foot strainer also allows the full 20 mm free solids passage to be realised.