Case Study on a 6000 PE Temporary Sewage Treatment Plant in Lusk, Ireland

Client: MMD Consortium (Three House Building Companies).

Address: Lusk, Fingal, Co. Dublin.

Brief: Design, supply, install, commission and operate three temporary above ground temporary sewage treatment plants serving an eventual 2,000 new houses or 6000 PE.

BMS Design Details: BMS were awarded the contract to design, manufacture, supply, install, commission and operate three sites serving an eventual 2,000 new houses in Lusk until the new municipal sewage treatment plant at Portrane along with accompanying pumping stations were put in place (Operating period 7 years). The contract included pump stations, control houses, stand by generators, balance tanks, 22 no. BMS BL 4000 Blivet Units and a complete remote telemetry operation, monitoring and warning system.

BMS Construction/Installation Details: BMS designed, supplied, installed and commissioned the entire system, excluding the civil works. This included prefabricated control houses and all M&E Works. The Lusk WWTP highlights the modular nature of the BMS Blivet and that large treatment plants can be quickly established by placing successive Blivets in series or in parallel, especially when home/commercial building is ahead of sewerage infrastructure.  In this case the Blivet's were placed about ground, the only civil works being a concrete slab 2.3 m wide by 10.9 m in length for each unit.  Blivet's were added successively as the load increased.  The Blivet also allows very quick scale up.  After the houses were placed on mains sewage the Blivet plants were disconnected and have been redeployed other locations in Ireland.  The Blivet simply requires the disconnection of electricity and the inlet/outlet pipes along with a complete desludging to decommission it.  It is then instantly road transportable.

BMS Operation/Maintenance Details: BMS provided O&M for the entire system along with emergency call-out provision while is was in operation.

Final Effluent Standard: Total treatment capacity of 1,840m3 per day of domestic effluent to meet:
BOD 20 mg/L, Suspended Solids 30 mg/L and COD 125 mg/L.

Engineer/Client Contact Details: Michael Fitzpatrick, Fahy Fitzpatrick Consulting Engineers, 2057, City West Campus, Naas Road, Dub 24. Ph: 01 4030171

Operation Period: 2005-2012

Population Equivalent: 6,000 P.E.

Value: c € 3,500,000

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