Do you have any pictures of a sewage or a wastewater treatment plant that Butler Manufacturing Services worked on before and after an upgrade?

We certainly do, you can find 12 pictures of a rural 50 PE wastewater treatment plant that BMS recently upgraded below.  It includes a BMS BL500 Blivet Package Sewage Treatment Plant, control panel and flow meter.  The site contained a lot of spoilage which had to be removed along with other civil works.  Also some innovative grading of the ground avoided the need to install lifting pumps as was originally planned, saving money and maintenance in the long and short term.  This finish of the site is excellent and blends into the small rural community.  BMS can provide a full design and build excellent value fully installed package sewage treatment plant.  If you have any site that we can help you with please contact us.


  • endofsiteview_before
  • fullsiteview_before
  • moundbefore_small
  • riverbefore_small
  • site_gateend_small
  • tankbefore_small
  • End of site_small
  • blivet_clonuff_small
  • full site_riverend_small
  • river headwall_small
  • site_gateclosed_small
  • site_riverend2_small